HG Super Skub

- an alternative to the traditional wheelbarrow

Super Skub

Super Skub is especially popular with landscape gardeners, contractors, farmers, bricklayers and rental companies.

In other words, anyone who works with manual transport of heavy materials where space is tight. The machine is easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

In addition, it has a fully hydraulic transmission with high tip, safety equipment against squeezing when reversing and low loading height of only 93 cm.

Time-saving transport

With HG Super Skub you can transport up to 750 kg at a time or e.g. 550 l sand. The motor drill takes 8 times more than an ordinary wheelbarrow.

Pendulum suspension

With a pendulum suspension, the machine becomes easier to handle, even with a full load.

Compact design

HG Super Skub is only 85 cm wide. Therefore, it can be used wherever space is tight.

Ergonomically correct operation

It is motor-driven and has a fully hydraulic transmission with high tips and an ergonomically correct control panel.

Strong construction

HG Super Skub is made in a strong construction, which gives it a long life and requires minimal service.

Good security

The HG Super Skub is equipped to ensure the machine moves forward if the operator is pinched when reversing.